A downloadable game for Windows

Searching for fuel to power your ship, you instead discover a derelict spacestation.

A friendly AI greets you and promise you all the fuel you can find if you help it regain control of the station from a virus.

But where did the virus come from?

And why was the station abandoned?

Play the game to find out...

Developed by six people as part of a gamedevelopment course.






G.A.R.A.zip 451 MB

Install instructions

To play the game:

1. Unzip the file.

2. Open the folder and click on GARA.exe to start the game.


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amazing idea dev

Thank you for playing our game!

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It looks fun, but I seem to crash whenever I select the green pistol weapon.  Any idea why that's the case?

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Hi CowsDaBest.

The reason it crashes is probably because you are playing on a computer without a dedicated GPU. The green weapon uses unitys new particle system that requires a GPU to work.

Ah okay.  Thank you.